Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo

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The Facts

Colour Emerald green
Sun vs Shade? Full sun & full shade
Leaf Shape ? Broad & flat
Drought Tolerance ? Yes – warm season lawn
Runners ? Above the ground
Root System ? Shallow to medium – 8 to 10 cm
Self Repairing ? Yes
Mowing Height ? Medium to high

The Versatile Drought and Shade Tolerant Grass

What makes Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo grass so good is that it still grows reasonably fast across the ground, but much more slowly upwards resulting a hard wearing, low mowing frequency and low maintenance Buffalo grass. Go away for a few weeks holiday and you will not come back to a jungle.

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Characteristics – Warm Season Grass

  • Drought Tolerant / Low Water Once Established
  • “Palmetto has an outstanding emerald green colour that is a true eye catcher“
  • It performs well in full sun, yet thrives in shaded areas
  • Specifically designed drought Tolerant / Resistant grass / Low Water Once Established
  • Hard wearing – great for high traffic areas, dogs & kids.
  • Shade tolerance – One of the few grasses which tolerates large periods of shade.
  • Requires minimal watering once established and in winter the lightening of colour due to becoming dormant is replaced by the no need to water or mow.
  • Best Winter colour, less mowing.
  • Soft leaf does not scratch or cut
  • Runner based grass – runs along the top of the ground
  • Holds its green colour longer in dry periods, will remain evergreen in most areas of Australia
  • Self Repairing and out competes weeds
  • Australian Owned

Lawn Maintenance

Winter Maintenance

No lawn will look as lush and green in Winter as it does in Spring, but Palmetto is known to have a better Winter colour than other Buffalo on the market. However in colder areas of Australia it will discolour over winter, and in the extremely cold climates it will brown like all Buffalo will. Generally frost is what gives the lawn a brown colour, if you do get a heavy frost you can help to stop it from burning the lawn by giving a quick water in the morning to wash the ice off the leaves.


The Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo does not like to be mowed too short. No more than 30-40% of the leaf should be removed in any one mow. Keep mower blades sharp and avoid cutting grass when wet. Mowing height is an important factor in promoting healthy lawn. If the Palmetto SLB is mowed too short and then becomes stressed, it will produce a seed head. If this is the case, reduce the mowing and increase the watering.

Palmetto soft leaf buffalo grass is best at 30-40mm. In a shady position it should be kept longer at all times. In spring your Palmetto can be mown down to a height of 15mm (except in shady areas) and fertilised. This removes the thatch build up in your lawn and allows new stolon growth.

In Summer mow about every 14 days. Autumn and Winter every 2-5 weeks, only if necessary.


The amount of water that your lawn will need will depend on your rainfall and the output of your sprinkers. Underground drippers will need to be left on for longer.
During Summer when the average temperature is over 30 degrees, you will need to water about 3 times a week.
Autumn and Spring will be about 2 times a week, and Winter about once a fortnight.
Palmetto can tolerate severe drought conditions once established, however, it still needs to be watered regularly.

Weed Control

Broadleaf sprays control clover, bindi and broadleaf weeds and should be applied before flowering at the end of July as a preventative. Buffalo requires a weedicide registered for its specific use. DO NOT use products containing dicamba on buffalo. Use Broadleaf Herbicide containing MCPA.
Wintergrass Control apply annually between April and August.

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To help maintain colour during winter, beef up your lawn with nitrogen and iron during Autumn. Fertilise again in the spring to help maintain a green and healthy lawn.