Frequently Asked Questions

How far below the height of the path do I have the soil?

Generally you allow 30mm.  Sometimes the turf will sit a little low, but the turf will become thicker and heigher over time.

We have Dogs – how will they affect my lawn?

Dogs love digging holes, especially in loose dirt. To patch up a hole – take some runners from another section of lawn, bury 90% of the runner and keep them damp for a couple of weeks. Don’t forget to keep the dog off that section until the new lawn is established.

Brown patches in the lawn: Dog urine can kill lawn especially if they use the same spot repeatedly. Female dog urine is stronger than males. You can reduce this by putting the dog on tin food and small amounts of dry food (dry dog food is high in sulphur/protein causing the lawn to burn). Regular watering of the lawn will help to dilute the urine. If you have sub surface irrigation you will need to also water from above the ground to reduce this problem.

We want to put in lawn around a pool – how will my new lawn go?

Salt water pools: When the water is splashed out of the pool, salt will slowly build in the soil around the pool. This build up will cause a reduction in the growth rate of the lawn. However, regular watering and rain will flush the salt through the soil away from the lawn roots and negate this problem. (Therefore just because the lawn is getting wet from the pool water – it still needs to be watered.) Couch has the greatest salt tolerance at 3500-4000 parts per million.

Are there any problems with using Sub-surface Irrigation?

When first establishing your lawn, we do suggest that you water from above the ground, for the first couple of weeks to ensure that the lawn gets enough water. This is only because in the first couple of weeks, the roots of the turf needs to be kept damp and you don’t want to be assuming the lawn is getting enough water.

You will need to trial watering times to make sure the entire area of your lawn is getting watered. If you don’t water long enough the lawn will die where it is not getting water. You could try carefully digging (you don’t want to rupture a line) down after watering has been done to see how far out the water has reached. Various soil types will alter the amount of time it takes to water.

Blockages may occur in the dripper line and this will cause brown patches in your lawn.

I think we have Beetles in our lawn – what can I do?

Beetles: Beetles lay their larvae in the soil and the larvae will eat the roots of the lawn. You will see black beetles in the lawn and if you have a lot of birds picking in the lawn this may be an indication the beetles are the problem. Generally this will occur in spring. Lawn will be easy to pull out of the ground as the roots are gone, you may also notice holes in the ground. There are chemicals in your local hardware store available to spray on the entire area and you may need to do this a few times and also again the following season to help eradicate the beetles.

What about Fungal problems in my lawn

Fungal diseases occur when the weather is warm and humid, usually in Spring.

Dollar spot fungus starts out being small round patches and can spread. It can be spread by lawn mowers, feet & hoses.

There are a few things you can do to reduce fungus occurring in your lawn.

Water in the morning instead of after sunset or through the night, this will stop your lawn from remaining damp on top for hours allowing the fungus to grow.
Fertilise regular with a fertiliser high in nitrogen (remember to water after applying fertiliser or it will burn and discolour the lawn) as fungus does not like nitrogen.

Mow using a catcher. Mow the affected areas last, washing the underneath of the mower and catcher with a solution of bleach and water to kill any spores.
The fungus will stop growing once the weather becomes constistancy hot. The lawn will then regenerate.

Can I Mow my lawn too short?

Mowing your lawn too short reduces the amount of leaf the lawn has to absorb and retain moisture and nutrients, and can expose the roots. If the lawn is cut too short you will find that the lawn dries out quicker, therefore requiring more watering, and in Winter – the lawn will be more susceptible to the cold and as a result may have a greater loss of colour. Buffalo lawns are very sensitive to being mowed too short due to their shallow root system. (Buffalo lawns prefer a leaf length of around 30mm to 40mm.)

How will Trampolines affect the lawn?

Trampolines, when left in the same location, provide permanent shade over the lawn. During Winter, the lawn will not receive enough sunlight. It may remain damp and may start to die off. However, in Summer the lawn will be greener then the rest of the lawn and will grow quicker. Buffalo grass grows better in the shade than couch or kikuyu.

We have brown patches in our lawn…help!

Brown patches can be caused by many different reasons. Do some digging in and around the area:

  • Is the ground powder dry?
    • The lawn has not received enough water…has the sub-surface irrigation or above ground sprinkler blocked.
  • Has the turf been mowed too low then been stressed? ie: mowed short then been directly frosted on or had a couple of really hot days (mowing short removes the leaves that protects the lawn’s roots)
  • Do you have a dog? Refer above
  • Is the lawn getting too much water and doesn’t get a chance to dry out? Lawn can tolerate sitting in water for a couple of days, but will start to stress.
  • Do you have beetles in your lawn? Refer above
  • Does it look like a fungus problem? Refer above